quill animation
"The Nominal Empire"
7 min. 28 sec, interactive animation, Russia, 2018.
Directors: Denis Semionov, Natalia Severina

Dictatorship takes different forms. How strong the role of the individual in history? What if a prominent theatre director Vsevolod Meyehold wasn`t a victim of Great terror and executed in 1940?
Interactive VR experience fully painted in Oculus Quill tells the dystopian story of Vsevolod Meyerhold, who kills the highest ranks of Soviet power and becomes a totalitarian leader. He proclaims the dictatorship of proletariART – a society, where art – is the only value. After that he calls all Soviet territories "Nominal Empire", where artists, directors and actors become political bosses.
In Nominal Empire everything looks like in conditional theatre: people have to move in biomechanical style (Meyehold`s "know-how"), almost all historical buildings have been destroyed and replaced with decorations, there is no money – just nominal income, if you don`t have a role – you don`t exist. Meyehold holds office for 100 years, because he is immortal.
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