quill animation
"The Nominal Empire"
7 min. 28 sec, interactive animation, Russia, 2018.
Directors: Denis Semionov, Natalia Severina

In "The Nominal Empire" we combined VR technology and physical theatre. Putting on a VR headset a participant is involved into the story not only by mind, but with the body as well. This is very important concept for the innovative storytelling in virtual reality, because many artists and directors try to solve the problem of physical immersion. VR cheat your eyes, but not your body. In "The Nominal Empire" you manage the story by making "biomechanical" poses under the direction of a stage director. Inside virtual reality you become an actor and your physical condition tells the same.
Putting on Oculus Rift headset, you find yourself as a citizen in the totalitarian theatrical country, where a stage director becomes a dictator. To survive in this world and conquer evil, you should conform to the rules of "biomechanics" – the "know-how" actor training method of the leader. To run the story, you need to take correct "physical theatre" poses. If you do wrong, the experience ends.
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