Director and creative director Georgy Molodtsov
Artist and art-director Denis Semionov
Executive producer Alexandra Sadikova
Creative producer Natalia Severina
Producer Anna Pischasova
Animation Feeling Films
Reading is an ultimate way to run imagination. Readers create their own vision of the book, which makes them co-authors in some way.
To promote reading and encourage young audience to visit libraries, we`ve used classical and innovative communication channels. We`ve learned that young people spend many time watching videos on Youtube and like technologies and innovations. That`s why we`ve decided to use 3 channels for the campaign "VReadings":
- traditional videos for TV, screens in over 400 libraries, outdoor screens and Internet
- VR pieces for Oculus Rift with the chance to explore the created places for offline events
- 360 3D videos for Youtube/Samsung VR/Offline demonstration and change to explore the worlds with and without VR headsets.
Specially for the annual all Russian event "Biblionight" and 200 year anniversary of Russian classic Ivan Turgenev, we`ve invited famous actors – Yury Kolokolnikov ("Game of Thrones") and Aglaya Tarasova ("Ice", "Tanks") to narrate the pieces from Turgenev`s prose and share their vision. With the help of VR artist Denis Semionov we`ve created in virtual reality their versions of Turgenev`s world and invite others to create new ones.
The graphics made in virtual reality was combined with actors` performances in Houdini programm
The videos were demonstrated in VR in Oculus Rift headsets as well as in 2D - TV, Internet, big screens in the center of Moscow
Case Film about the project
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