Russian VR Seasons at 39 Moscow International Film Festival. Press-release
More than 40 short VR movies will be included in the new program of the Moscow International Film Festival, "Russian VR Seasons", devoted to the new kind of cinema - spherical movies for VR headsets.

From 23- till 28 of June during the festival the special VR - section of the "October" multiplex for 30 places (the 3d floor in front of the 6 hall for press-conferences and press-demonstrations) will host presentations of Russian and international VR projects, educational discussions, demonstrations of 360 documentaries, fiction and animation movies.

"Many of big and small fests try VR. Taking experience of the most successful events, as Russian fest "EMC VR Film Festival", VR demonstrations in Sundance, Tribeca, industrial programs of Cannes, Berlin, Dubai and other significant fests, we have decided to make a VR program, which differs fundamentally from the others" - a curator of the MIFF VR section Georgy Molodtsov comments.

VR section of MIFF will work in two formats: press-presentations of the most significant Russian projects by early afternoon and public space for spectators and accredited visitors of the fest in the evening hours.
For realization of Russian VR Seasons at MIFF the organizers have chosen the most quality technological decisions.
VR demonstrations will include the best decisions for VR - flagman smartphones Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Gear VR headsets. For simultaneous VR translations in 30 VR headsets we use Virtual Reality Content Manager - the system, developed by a partner of the sections, a new media studio "Great Gonzo Studio". Earphones JBL E from Harman will be responsible for the sound, which is so important as the picture.

"We understand that for the most of our visitors this VR experience will be the first", - Georgy Molodtsov tells. "Many works are still in the experimental format, so we want this experiment will demonstrate values of VR cinema and will attract interest of the gross audience and professionals of the cinema industry".

Main press-presentations will take place from 23- until 25 of June from 11 AM- till 2 PM. Every hour spectators of VR section can watch new Russian projects and ask its authors for questions.

From 23 - till 28 of June the press can have a look at the regular VR - program, demonstrated in the main section for visitors.

All demonstrations will be shown together with mini-presentations, combined in blocks of 4-5 films for 30-35 min. with welcoming remarks and discussions.

Spectators will be able to visit the ice surface of The Baikal (the Russian - USA project of Prosense and MediaCombo), the peak of The Elbrus (LenVR), fly over Angel Falls and fireworks (Airpano), see free runners in the Gaza Strip and come to the International Space Station (RT360) and this is just a part of documentaries included in the program.

No less interesting experiment - is the program of fiction/animation, made by big and independent studios. Spectators can have a look at foreign works ( "I PHILIP", "Sonar", "Invasion", "Gladiators In The Roman Colosseum", "Volcanos"), as well as projects of Russian and Belorussian studios, many of which will be presented for the first time ("Here And There", "OmNom Stories Unexpected Guest", "Out of body" etc.)

Denis Semionov, art-director of Russian VR Seasons:

"In the beginning of 20th century "The Russian Seasons" of Diaghilev played essential role in the formation of Russian reputation abroad. They combined art, music and ballet. VR, as a new kind of art, sets before us a task similar that was set before artists of the 20th century: to tell about the new by common words, combine contemporary art and cinema with new technologies".

Everyone interested can discuss trends and new forms of the cinema during the round table of the Guild of Russian film experts and movie critics «The future of cinema: between streaming and VR», which will take place on the 27th of June at 3 PM at the conference hall of the Moscow cinema house.

The full schedule will be available soon on the MIFF site and promo page


Georgy Molodtsov

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