About "Russian VR Seasons"
"Russian VR Seasons" - is the initiative concerning promotion and demonstration of VR projects in international markets. The platform was created in 2017 by VR professionals : George Molodtsov («VRability»), Denis Semionov («Great Gonzo Studio»), Alexandra Sadikova, Natalia Severina («Cultural Revolution»). It unites filmmakers, artists, producers and other creative professionals, who are occupied with making and promoting of VR projects. "Russian VR Seasons" is an independent uncommercial community, which collaborates with educational platforms and film festivals.
Magazine about cinema and art in virtual reality
Movies of "Russian VR Seasons" programm
"Russian VR Seasons" collaborates with VR filmmakers and represents their projects at international film festivals. By now the list of VR movies includes the following videos.
team and contacts
Georgy Molodtsov
Phone: +7 926 286 98 28
E-mail: gm@vrability.ru
Denis Semionov
Art director
Natalia Severina
Creative producer
Alexandra Sadikova
Line producer
partners and media
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