Russian VR Seasons
At 39 Moscow IFF
For the first time as a part of the film festival the program of VR movies Russian VR Seasons was held. During latest years VR become an important part of the world's film festivals, especially in the US: Sundance Film Festival, Tribeca, South by South West were interested in new forms of narrative. The distinction of the Russian VR Seasons program within the framework of the Moscow International Film Festival was that, unlike similar programs at the Cannes and Berlin Film Festivals, it was available not only for professionals and press, but for ordinary spectators as well
The programm included presentations, discussions and educational panels as well
25 OF JUNE 12:00
The presentation of "The Hermitage VR"
23 of june 11:00
The presentation of MultVR and "Parovoz" studio
24 OF JUNE 13:00
The presentation of Moscow Film School and EMC VR Film Lab production
25 OF JUNE 13:00
The presentation of "Cultural Revolution" art project
The program featured films by Russian studios and independent filmmakers experimenting in the field of spherical cinema and VR, as well as bright examples of foreign films that already attracted attention on major international venues
"The Story of one Jester"
6 min. 6 sec, fiction, Russia
Director: Alexey Bystritskiy
Scriptwriter, producer: Alexey Likhnitsky
The movie concerns unknown details of the most famous royal jester`s last day.
"What people!"
Fiction, 8 min, Russia
Script and director: Vera Smolina
Producer: Alexey Lichnitsky
On air investigation goes out of control.
Documentary, 4 min, Russia
Director and script: Sergey Diachkovsky
Producer: Anastasia Belskaya
Interactive tour through Lenkom Theatre, where a spectator will become an actor
"The Family Circle"
3 min. 20 sec, fiction, Russia
Director: Linara Bagautdinova
Author of the idea, producer: Valentin Rogatin
The relationship of 4 different families during the period of some years.
"A maniac"
Fiction, 4 min, Russia
Director and script: Michail Borodin
Producer: Maria Lobanova
The morning awakening relieves a girl from phantoms, but not from the real danger.
Fiction, 3 min, Russia
Script and director: Lada Iskanderova
Producer: Sergey Chernousov
A dance movie, which tells about what is happening in a human`s head
"Out of body"
Fiction, 12 min, Russia
Script and director: Maxim Nikonov
An ingenious scientist carries out a dangerous experiment to prove the theory of life after death. During the experiment, he must die so that his spirit leaves the body and then return back, but everything goes not according to plan, and the scientist is forced to fight for the opportunity to return to life.
"Through the clouds. Journey to the top of Angel waterfall"
Documentary, 6 min, Russia
Standing just opposite the waterfall it became clear to us how huge it actually is; we couldn't see the true dimensions of it from air. The water falling from the height of almost a kilometre is turning into the smallest dust when it gets to the ground. The top of the tepui gets covered by clouds every now and then. Sometimes the clouds descend and cover the jungles with the mist.
"Inside the fireworks."
Documentary, 6 min, Russia
For several years AirPano team has been attempting to fulfil a dream of launching a drone right into the firework and create a 360-video. Finally, that dream came true! On May 9, 2017, with the support of the Department of Media Affairs and Information of Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, we obtained a permission to fly right above artillery batteries on one of the main festive venues — Poklonnaya Hill.
"OmNom. Stories Unexpected Guest"
Animation, 2:20 min, Russia
Om Nom
An unexpected guest arrives in the box right to Om Nom's doorstep. Who it might be?..
"Maski VR. Prologue. Step. Restaurant"
Fiction, 2 min, 4:13 min, Russia
An expressive greeting from a popular in the CIS and abroad comic troupe "Maski"
In the dance trio there is a disagreement between two ladies, neither of them wants to share the partner with the other.
No-dialog sketch created in silent movies style. An enthusiastic waiter does everything to entertain visitors, including a hot dance with a beauty who has a very jealous companion.
6 min. 23 sec., documentary, Russia, 2016
Director: Georgy Molodtsov
Producers: Georgy Molodtsov, Stanislav Kolesnik, Dmitry Agutin
Maxim Kiselev is the only professional figure ice wheelchair skater. In this experience you'll be able to learn, what does it mean to ice skating on a wheelchair and be both an audience and a participant of this performance thanks to Virtual Reality 360° technology.
"Running for freedom"
Documentary, 19:34 min, Russia
Gaza strip has been in the Egyptian-Israeli blockade for 10 years now, since the Islamic group Hamas came to power. People basically live there like in prison. The film tells a story of two friends - parkour players - who try to find a way out of their hard life in Gaza going in for dangerous sport.
"The spacewalker VR"
4 min. 22 sec., animation, Russia, 2017
Director: Alexander Gorokhov
Production: CGF Studio, Bazelevs
VR short film lets you experience the first human walking in space The film immerses audiences in the experience of Leonov and his fellow cosmonaut Pavel Belyaev during their flight on the Voshod-2 on March 18-19, 1965
"VR cinematograph"
10 min, documentary, Russia, 2017
Director: Maxim Nikonov
Production: LenVR
VR science fiction documentary tells about the new trend in cinema - VR, draws historical parallels, forms main peculiarities and perspectives.

"Elbrus VR"
10 min, documentary, Russia, 2017
Director: Maxim Nikonov
Production: LenVR
The first documentary film in the format of virtual reality about the ascent to Elbrus - the highest point of Europe. Every year hundreds of people come to Elbrus to climb to the top of this volcano. What causes them to endure fatigue and pain, lack of comfort and severe weather? Why, despite all the difficulties that travelers are waiting for at every step, do people still aspire to the summit, even if they stay there only a few minutes, after hours of a long, exhausting journey? To answer these questions the viewer must go all the way to the top together with the film group.
"Lake Baikal: The Science and Spirituality of Extreme Water"
7 min. 22 sec., documentary (360 3D), USA, Russia, 2016
Directors: Michael Owen, Georgy Molodtsov
Cinematic virtual reality will transport viewers to Lake Baikal in Siberia during winter 2016 and introduce them to the dramatic landscapes and the local customs and spiritual traditions of people who live around the oldest, deepest and most voluminous body of fresh water on Earth – 20% of all the liquid fresh water on our planet.
"Between Petrov and Vodkin"
3 min. 40 sec, animation, Russia, 2017
Directors: Denis Semionov, Natalia Severina
The first part of the immersive trilogy "Cultural revolution" focuses on the year of 1912. Through the history of one painting, the VR-movie tells about the highlights of that year, which have taken place on the cultural scene of the Russian Empire. Thanks to new technologies in cinema production, a viewer gets an opportunity to find himself in retro footage of the pre-revolutionary Russia and then to immerse into the most prominent picture of Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin "Bathing of a red horse".

"Space 360"
07:45 min, animation, Russia
RT continues with its special series of panoramic videos from space. This time, cosmonaut Andrey Borisenko will show you a module called 'Cupola', from which the inhabitants of the International Space Station can observe the Earth.

"Hermitage. VR Experience"
15 min, documentary, Russia
Director: Michail Antikov
VR tour through the history of the Hermitage with Konstantin Khabensky.
"Here And There"
Fiction, 12 min, documentary, Belarus
Director: Kirill Galitsky

It's about an author who lives among barricades of books and magazines. He is searching for the right story but should overcome the resistence of his characters and daily routine in the person of his importunate wife. The scene is laid in two worlds: the world of author and the world of his novel. And it seems that the door between them isn't closed.
"The Prospects"
Animation, 2m 21s, China
Director: Xiaolin Zeng (Zaoeyo), Yan Liang
The Prospects is a CG 360 video about why humans are driven to uncover the secrets of the world through 4 scenes: the room of knowledge, the neutrino detector, the DNA, and the cosmos
"Longing for Wilderness"
Animation, 3 min, Germany
Director: Marc Zimmermann
"Longing for Wilderness" features a virtual ride taking you from the dull noisy city through the slowly transforming forest towards a calm and airy wide landscape. The goal is to express our innate longing to experience nature in its rawest forms – something that is becoming an increasingly rare opportunity these days
Feature, 14 min, France
Director: Pierre Zandrowicz
In early 2005, David Hanson, an American robotics, is developing its first android human. His name is Phil and it is simply the copy of the famous science fiction author Philip K. Dick.Through the memories of the android and those of the author, the film offers an interpretation of Phil's life.
"Gladiators In The Roman Colosseum"
Documentary, 9:40, Germany
Director: Jörg Courtial
Rome: 80 AD. You are standing in the arena of the extravagantly decorated Colosseum surrounded by 50,000 cheering spectators. You witness a bitter fight between two gladiators directly in front of you. This is a fight to the death: you are in the middle of it.
Animation, 7 min, Germany
Director: Philipp Maas, Dominik Stockhausen

An asteroid emerges from the darkness of space, sending out some kind of signal. A drone tries to locate the source and dives deep into an extensive cave system.
Documentary, 4:52 min, Germany
Director: Jörg Courtial
Lava bombs, towering clouds of ashes – these are some of many jawdropping phenomena that can be marveled at in this 3D-360° film. With complex 3D reconstructions created by Faber Courtial Digital Productions, the ZDF Terra X series impresses audiences with hitherto unreachable places or historical events.
"Operation Aspen"
Documentary, 16:07, USA
Director: Condition One VR / Danfung Dennis
Join activists from Direct Action Everywhere as they document the conditions inside a factory farm that houses thousands of egg-laying hens and stand alongside the team as they rescue two injured animals.
"Operation Deathstar"
Documentary, 16:07, USA
Director: Condition One VR / Danfung Dennis
The second work of Danfung Dennis at MIFF. Danfung - is a pioneer of VR-cinema. "Operation Deathstar" - is the world premiere of VR short movie, which he made specially for MIFF.
"Asteroids. Teaser"
Animation, 3 min, USA
Director: Eric Darnell
Asteroids is an interactive buddy film that takes us into space with our two alien friends. We explore the nooks and crannies of their spaceship and delve into the nature of friendship as the two pals squabble before ultimately demonstrating their mutual affection. These two are Laurel and Hardy-like bumblers.
Animation, 6 min, USA
Director: Eric Darnell
From the Director of Madagascar comes an enchanting new VR experience Invasion!Immerse yourself in this tale of aliens trying to take over the planet. They're thwarted by the Earth's meekest and most adorable creatures – 2 fluffy white bunnies - and you are one of them.
"Sergeant James"
Virtual arcade, 7 min, France
Director: Alexandre Perez
It's Leo's bedtime, but he thinks there is something under his bed. Is it just the harmless imagination of a young boy, or something more sinister? Is it…you? From director Alexandre Perez, Sergeant James recaptures the innocence of youth, the wonder of the unknown, the folly of fear and the terrifying possibility that things are far creepier than they seem.
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