Russian VR Seasons
Russian VR Seasons program was demonstrated from 16 - 20 of October as a part of the Film Forum Sochi within the cultural section of the World Festival of Youth and Students 2017. The program presented the best Russian examples of spherical cinema, showing how technology and art could interact together and created changes in the real life of real people. But the goal of the program was not only to demonstrate what had already been done. Thanks to Samsung become a festival partner, the festival participants captured the most vivid and important moments of this event in 360 degrees on Samsung Gear 360 cameras. The program was demonstrated from 11:00 till 17:30 in VR section of International Youth Cinema Forum during simultaneous 20 minutes shows with the use of Samsung Galaxy, Gear VR and VRCM system.
The program featured films by Russian studios and independent filmmakers experimenting in the field of spherical cinema and VR
"The Story of one Jester"
6 min. 6 sec, fiction, Russia
Director: Alexey Bystritskiy
Scriptwriter, producer: Alexey Likhnitsky

The movie concerns unknown details of the most famous royal jester`s last day.
"What people!"
Fiction, 8 min, Russia
Script and director: Vera Smolina
Producer: Alexey Lichnitsky

On air investigation goes out of control.
"The Family Circle"
3 min. 20 sec, fiction, Russia
Director: Linara Bagautdinova
Author of the idea, producer: Valentin Rogatin

The relationship of 4 different families during the period of some years.
"Out of body"
Fiction, 12 min, Russia
Script and director: Maxim Nikonov

An ingenious scientist carries out a dangerous experiment to prove the theory of life after death. During the experiment, he must die so that his spirit leaves the body and then return back, but everything goes not according to plan, and the scientist is forced to fight for the opportunity to return to life.
6 min. 23 sec., documentary, Russia, 2016
Director: Georgy Molodtsov
Producers: Georgy Molodtsov, Stanislav Kolesnik, Dmitry Agutin

Maxim Kiselev is the only professional figure ice wheelchair skater. In this experience you'll be able to learn, what does it mean to ice skating on a wheelchair and be both an audience and a participant of this performance thanks to Virtual Reality 360° technology.
"The spacewalker VR"
4 min. 22 sec., animation, Russia, 2017
Director: Alexander Gorokhov
Production: CGF Studio, Bazelevs

VR short film lets you experience the first human walking in space The film immerses audiences in the experience of Leonov and his fellow cosmonaut Pavel Belyaev during their flight on the Voshod-2 on March 18-19, 1965
"Elbrus VR"
10 min, documentary, Russia, 2017
Director: Maxim Nikonov
Production: LenVR

The first documentary film in the format of virtual reality about the ascent to Elbrus - the highest point of Europe. Every year hundreds of people come to Elbrus to climb to the top of this volcano. What causes them to endure fatigue and pain, lack of comfort and severe weather? Why, despite all the difficulties that travelers are waiting for at every step, do people still aspire to the summit, even if they stay there only a few minutes, after hours of a long, exhausting journey? To answer these questions the viewer must go all the way to the top together with the film group.
"Lake Baikal: The Science and Spirituality of Extreme Water"
7 min. 22 sec., documentary (360 3D), USA, Russia, 2016
Directors: Michael Owen, Georgy Molodtsov

Cinematic virtual reality will transport viewers to Lake Baikal in Siberia during winter 2016 and introduce them to the dramatic landscapes and the local customs and spiritual traditions of people who live around the oldest, deepest and most voluminous body of fresh water on Earth – 20% of all the liquid fresh water on our planet.
"Between Petrov and Vodkin"
3 min. 40 sec, animation, Russia, 2017
Directors: Denis Semionov, Natalia Severina

The first part of the immersive trilogy "Cultural revolution" focuses on the year of 1912. Through the history of one painting, the VR-movie tells about the highlights of that year, which have taken place on the cultural scene of the Russian Empire. Thanks to new technologies in cinema production, a viewer gets an opportunity to find himself in retro footage of the pre-revolutionary Russia and then to immerse into the most prominent picture of Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin "Bathing of a red horse".
"Space 360"
07:45 min, animation, Russia

RT continues with its special series of panoramic videos from space. This time, cosmonaut Andrey Borisenko will show you a module called 'Cupola', from which the inhabitants of the International Space Station can observe the Earth.
"Russian Knights"
Documentary, 04:57 min, Russia

Take a part in the MAKS-2017 air show from the legendary aerobatic team 'Russian Knights'. RT, together with Arthur Sargsyan installed a panoramic camera on the exterior of the SU-30SM fighter jets.
"Through the clouds. Journey to the top of Angel waterfall"
Documentary, 6 min, Russia

Standing just opposite the waterfall it became clear to us how huge it actually is; we couldn't see the true dimensions of it from air. The water falling from the height of almost a kilometre is turning into the smallest dust when it gets to the ground. The top of the tepui gets covered by clouds every now and then. Sometimes the clouds descend and cover the jungles with the mist.

Documentary, 4 min, Russia
Director and script: Sergey Diachkovsky
Producer: Anastasia Belskaya

Interactive tour through Lenkom Theatre, where a spectator will become an actor
"The Big Theatre 360"
Documentary, 3:08 min, 2016
Explore the world famous Bolshoi Theatre with RT's exclusive 360 video.
Fiction, 3 min, Russia
Script and director: Lada Iskanderova
Producer: Sergey Chernousov

A dance movie, which tells about what is happening in a human`s head

"A maniac"
Fiction, 4 min, Russia
Director and script: Michail Borodin
Producer: Maria Lobanova

The morning awakening relieves a girl from phantoms, but not from the real danger.

"Spacewalk filmed in 360 "
Documentary, 03:26, Russia
This is the first-ever panoramic video shot in open space by the crew of the International Space Station. The 360 video was produced by RT in collaboration with the Russian space agency and leading spacecraft producer Energia.
Documentary, 3:50 (part I), Russia, 2017, ARVISIO
Director: Stanislav Demchenko
The movie concerns the history of one of the most ancient Russian towns.
"Diving with sharks"
Documentary, 3 min., Russia
The archipelago of Jardines de la Reina, lying 97 kilometers to the south off the coast of Cuba in the Caribbean Sea was discovered in 1494 during the second expedition of Christopher Columbus and was named so to honour the Queen of Spain: Jardines de la Reina (Gardens of the Queen). The archipelago consists of around 30 big islands that are practically uninhabited (the total area of 175 square kilometres is inhabited by only 12 people) and an uncountable number of cays.
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